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Saturday, September 19, 2009

happy eid mubarak

to the follower..

to the silent readers..

to the blog jumpers..

to all of you...

maaf zahir dan batin

Friday, August 14, 2009

tempeh in chillies paste

sambal goreng tempe


16 small packs of muar's tempe
1 packet of peanuts (the same weight i use for the previous recipe)
some dried chillies
some shallots
salt and sugar as much as needed
prawn paste

how to make

~heat the pan, put some oil. fried tempe, anchovy, peanuts seperately.

~blend dried chillies(boiled them first), shallots and onions

~tralalalala...this is how it looks.. when the cooking is done

Friday, August 7, 2009


ingredients :

oil for cooking
minced beef meat. you can use chicken as a substitute.
eggs(for the wrapper)

secret indredients. hahhahaha
~soy sauce, chilli sauce, black pepper
bread for sure dear...
and no sugar or salt needed.

~heat the oil, fried garlic, shallots and chillies... then, put the secret recipe i mention before. after that, put the minced beef meat, and the boiled veggies. mix them up.

~the boiled veggies (carrot and broccoli)

so, you ask me why i always use carrots?
have you hear about this proverb?

an apple a day, keeps the doctor away
it is not true dear. the truth is, carrot can cure most of illness

~prepare the bread

~owh, i forgot to tell you about the eggs. i use two eggs and beat the eggs with some salt. use a pan with slow heat, make a thin layer of omelete for the wrapper to the beef meat. put the salad on the bread, then the omelete, after that, the well cooked beef meat. wrapped the meat and then put salad again. put extra chillies if needed. and tadaaaa....

~yeay! done! i made four and half CBwich.

1 for farah
1 for tina1 for ida
1 for cinan
and the half is for me...

half is enough...dear...

foot noot : please try this at home.. suitable for those who are on diet . simple and yet, delicious and nutricious....

Thursday, August 6, 2009

how to make pecal?

ingredients :

for the gravy

oil for cooking
dried chillies(fried)
prawn paste (belacan)
salt and sugar

for the 'krunch-krunch'

usually use veggies.

and for me, water convolvulus is a must
sometimes i put cauliflower,
long bean,

it depends...

~first of all, heat the oil in a pan

~then, fry the small shallots, drried chillies, and also the prawn paste

~after that, use mortar and pestle to hit all of the ingredients. including the fried peanuts. but, hit them seperately for your own sake

after tha,t mix all the ingredients for the gravy and put some tamarind sauce. salt and sugar

~all of the veggies boiled in a hot water, but tahu and tempeh should be fried

~tadaa... it finished already... how easy....

its is good for vegetarians and for those who are not only on diet, but also on budget..hahahhahaaha

foot noot : this is my first time preparing the gravy myself. usually i used the readymade one. thanks mum for the recipe. good luck guys..

Sunday, May 3, 2009

home made fried maggi



~the smashed chillies

~a must!

~round cabbage

put some oil
the smashed chillies, shallots and garlic

put some soy sauce and chillie sauce and the cabbage

don't forget to put an egg

tadaa...its so simple... just DIY

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

water concolvulus fried in soy sauce

hehe.. sounds weird. but if you know the Malay name for water concolvulus, you might smile to yourself. it's kangkung. the plant with cute purple flower.


1 a bundle of kangkung
2 2 shallots
3 2 pieces of garlic
4 soy sauce
5 cooking oil

how to made it?

firstly, heat the cooking oil in a pan.
secondly, put the garlic and fried them until their nice smell arose.
thirdly, put the sliced shallots.
fourthly, put the water concolvulus and some soy sauce.
the food is ready too eat.

* no need to put salt because the soy sauce is already salty. it is as easy as a, b, c right? try it then.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

singgang ikan

just now i cooked singgang ikan. one of my family favorite cuisine. why it is our favorite? because it is very easy to prepare and healthy too..


1 2 piece of garlic
2 a small cut of ginger
3 a small cut of turmeric
4 a small cut off lengkuas (looks like ginger)
5 10 chillies (the more the merrier)
6 5 ikan kembung (round scad)
7 2 piece of asam gelugor
8 pinch of salt
9 a piece of daun kunyit (turmeric leave)

how to made it

firstly, slice ingredients 1 to 4.
secondly, cut round scad into two pieces.
thirdly, put a pan on the stove. put all the round scad and the 1 to 4 ingredients. do remember to put the chillies also. put some water for the gravy. make sure the water level is enough to cover up the fish.
fourthly, put the turmeric leave, asam gelugor and some salt. when the sour is enough, put off the asam gelugor.
fifthly, wait until the water boil before you turn off the fire.
finally.. this recipe is ready to eat..

you can eat this food as your lunch and dinner..